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Due to the volume of new projects, we are not accepting new authors at this time.

We offer exemplary service for Catholic authors. You can see your book published and hold a copy in your own hands — all for less than the cost of a new computer. Your wait is over — get started today and see your dream book come to life.

We offer complete typesetting, cover design, editing, and a host of optional services. In short, we can take your rough manuscript and turn it into a completed book. And we communicate with you each step of the way. We don't let our authors down.

What do Zen Buddhism, "self-pleasure," and Agnosticism have to do with Catholic spirituality? Nothing. Then why would you submit your good work to a self-publishing company that publishes anything? Don't add your voice to the cacophony of literary noise. Submit your book to a Catholic reviewer, as generations of Catholics did before you. It's a Catholic tradition.

Congratulations! You wrote a book and got it published. But what happens next? Will your book just sit on the shelf, collecting dust? How do you find your customers? More importantly, how do you convince your customers that they should buy your book? We offer different levels of marketing services to fit your needs as a Catholic author. And we know the Catholic marketplace. Don't go it alone — we're here to help.
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