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Due to the volume of new projects, we are not accepting new authors at this time.

Why use Leonine Publishers? Because you’re a Catholic writer.

Sure, there are a handful of other self-publishing companies. And they publish anything. Since they aren’t Catholic companies and don’t check for heresy, immorality, or anything else, their basic packages do not include any manuscript review. No one reads your work – the self-publishing companies simply offer a printing and binding service. This is little better than what you could do at your local copy store.

Leonine Publishers includes a complete reading of your manuscript by a fellow Catholic. This gives both you and your readers the confidence that there is nothing against Catholic Faith or morals in your work.

Blessed Pope Pius IX wrote that Catholic authors cannot simply write whatever they want as long as they don’t deny one of the few defined dogmas.

It is an error, wrote the pope, to hold that “Catholic teachers and authors are strictly bound … to those things only which are proposed to universal belief as dogmas of faith by the infallible judgment of the Church” (Syllabus of Errors, no. 22).

But uncovering error is not that easy. Let’s say an author wrote a book of reflections about her struggles raising a disabled child. The author alluded to the Ascension of our Lord in her book, but she phrased it this way:

“As I pondered the depth of my motherhood over the past ten years, I realized that even though I wasn’t moving up in the world, I was certainly moving deeper. Jesus, too, went deep when he left the apostles before Pentecost.”

This writing is unclear. Is the author saying she denies that Jesus Christ ascended bodily into Heaven, because He went “deep” instead of “up”? Or did she unintentionally leave that unclear by trying to tie her maternity with the Ascension of the Lord? Readers may be confused, but some will certainly conclude that the author does not believe in the Ascension.

All of this can be avoided by a review for Catholic integrity. No other self-publishing company will catch these kinds of ambiguities. St. Pope Pius X explained that some writers are indeed unclear, and he instructed bishops to look for this ambiguity and prevent it from being spread.

“Thus in their books,” wrote St. Pius, “one finds some things which might well be approved by a Catholic, but on turning over the page one is confronted by other things which might well have been dictated by a rationalist” (Pascendi, no. 18).

Today, Leonine Publishers does what bishops did when granting imprimaturs before Vatican II: ensure a book is free from errors in Faith or morals. Readers can rest in the confidence that any book published under the Leonine Publishers imprint is doctrinally sound and morally acceptable.

Other self-publishing companies add hundreds of dollars for an editorial review, but Leonine Publishers includes the review in its basic package! And our starting price is lower than other self publishers!

Get started today. Create an account and submit your manuscript. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your readers.
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