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  1. Dismas

    Dismas: The First Among Many: The Thief Who Stole Heaven

    Vincent Iezzi

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    Dismas: The First Among Many tells the gripping story of the man who became the first penitent to die with the complete promise of the Resurrection.

  2. cover

    Diabolical Satire

    Paul J. Lavin, Ph.D.

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    Satan has a lot of pride and his feelings are hurt. So many lackadaisical Catholics no longer believe in him.

    To make himself known, Satan offers thirteen “epistles.” He states most clearly that he is the inspiration for all the novelties that came out of Vatican II.

  3. Beginning of the End, The

    Beginning of the End, The

    R.E. Kotwica

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    The suffering pope calls into battle a religious order formed specifically to fight the antichrist. Monks of the order use both spiritual and physical weapons to fight demons that are all too real.

    For mature audiences - graphic depictions of violence

  4. Athania-cover


    J. Peter Barragan

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    A construction project in the rural German countryside leads to the finding of treasures. Ania Socratatos and Ben Airaldi are invited to the archeological dig. Ania never planned to tell all her secrets—but Ben was well on his way to figuring things out. Unbeknownst to all, a Prince of Darkness seeks to find the hidden secret first.

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