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    House Behind the Trees, The

    Doug Abell

    The house behind the trees is an abortion mill in North Carolina. When you first come upon the house it is barely noticeable, since it is somewhat hidden by the trees. The poems and stories within these pages were inspired by the innocent infants destroyed in this house and all houses like it. The author hopes to give a voice to those souls and to all people affected by the horror of abortion.

  2. Last Byzantine and Other Pointed Poems, The

    Last Byzantine and Other Pointed Poems, The

    J.R. Campanelli

    A collection of poetry focused on the forces that have led to this moment in the history of our great Faith. Suitable for both teens and adults, Campanelli's poetry covers morality, relativism, marriage, the right to life, and more.

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    Last Coffee with Nonna

    Vincent Iezzi

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    The finality has arrived and once again the author, Vincent (Vinzee) Iezzi, brings to life the teacher and guru of his life. With delicate wording we come to the end of the trilogy of love, respect, and family. Once again the author gives us an open invitation and carries us into the back kitchen where the smells, love, cares, and home come to life for us through his meticulous wording and re-creation.

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    Let's Pretend We're Sisters

    Pauline Montoya Soliz

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    For ten-year-old Pauline and her sisters, every day was an adventure. Growing up in a small town in Colorado during the 1950s brought many joys and sufferings for the Montoya family. Through it all, this loving family grew with enduring stability in an era of rapid change.

  5. Planning the Journey of Life

    Planning the Journey of Life

    John C. Portavella

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    Though hidden, God is a loving Father who follows every act we do in our lives with utmost interest. By human standards, few acts are important and impactful. Most, however, are ordinary, prosaic, monotonous, and even boring. Yet, these acts have potential greatness and significance for eternal life.

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    Poetising with the Divine

    Robert Louis Covington

    Poetising with the Divine is one man’s story of love, struggle, appreciation of beauty, joy, passion, and challenge as he grew up in urban America. Indeed, this is the story of everyman growing up in 20th century America, set to verse. 

  7. Reflections on Life, Living, and Spirituality

    Reflections on Life, Living, and Spirituality

    Henry C. Haefner

    Today’s culture presents many challenges and difficulties for all ages. Whatever you’re struggling with, you’re not alone. Author Henry Haefner shares his ideas for achieving a life well-lived in love and joy, with his thought-provoking reflections. 

  8. School of the Family, The: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation

    School of the Family, The: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation

    Chantal R. Howard

    The family is the foundation of the civilization of love. It cannot be underestimated nor its responsibilities cast off to society's whims and fancies. It is the front line in the renaissance of character formation. Yet, today, many families have drifted from this primordial calling. So, how can the family fulfill its true vocation without a new road map to lead the way?
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    Thirteen Mouths to Feed

    John F. Martin, Sr.

    God has a sense of humor…
    John Martin and his bride conceived and raised eleven children: four lovely daughters and seven wild hyperactive boys. Conceiving them was fun. But raising them—Sheesh! When people told him he was nuts for having so many kids, he pointed out that he didn’t go nuts until after he had them. So why did he have so many children? 

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    To Love Him Above All

    Millie Fontcuberta

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    Mildred “Millie” Fontcuberta spent her adult life penning contemplations as letters to God, written in verse. Her poems reveal an intuitive understanding of faith, hope, and love. The poems feature Catholic spirituality, but also autobiographical content and a synopsis of her family life, joys, struggles, sorrows, and triumphs. This book is an easy-to-read compendium of a life fully lived as a Catholic wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.

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