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    Impact of Vatican II on Today's Catholic Church, The

    James Troxell

    What really happened at Vatican II?
    Who were the players?
    What were their motivations?

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    Lord and the Links, The

    Robert A. Best

    This autobiography of a successful public servant and private-sector professional illustrates how a commitment to faith and ethics should animate all areas of life: professional, family, recreational and more. Robert A. Best worked and played with U.S. presidents, some of the greatest golf players on record, and even a few of recent history’s canonized saints. 

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    Mary, the Ideal of Virtue

    Fr. Giovanni M. Semeria

    The Church's Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a beautiful exposition of her glorious titles. Her virtues shine through when meditating on this prayer. Author and Barnabite priest, Father Giovanni Semeria, exhorts the reader to apply these virtues to one's own life. Father Semeria unfolds the Litany in 31 profound, but challenging, meditations for spiritual reflection. 

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    Journey to the Center of My Soul

    Dennis Joseph Eugene O'Donnell

    There is the spiritual life. Then there is the wild life: Daredevil stunts, drag races, partying and working with the entertainment industry, trying and failing to stay out of trouble with the law. Eventually, author Dennis O'Donnell realized that the center of his own soul couldn’t find fulfillment without complete trust in Jesus Christ.
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    Sent Forth in the Spirit: A Confirmation Text for Adults

    Patricia M. Mann, Ph.D.

    The adult candidate for the Sacrament of Confirmation has unique catechetical needs. These candidates are already Catholic, so a catechumenate process for converts is not a good fit for them. The candidates need a specific preparation program for Confirmation.

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    What to do next

    Michael J. Rayes

    Out of stock

    What to do next is a PDF format ebook that is short and easy-to-read, but packed with advice and practical tips. The ebook is not simply a how-to guide, however. It utilizes motivation, Catholic spirituality, and practical marketing techniques to help authors discover the best way to promote their books.

    Click here to download your copy of What to do next.

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    The Timeless Rosary

    Brian Joseph Horan

    Buy eBook on Kindle Buy eBook on Nook

    The traditional Rosary is a presentation of the mysteries of our redemption, given sequentially, and expanded by Blessed Pope John Paul II, to illuminate the perfect knowledge of God, Who is Love. What would happen if we enter into the Sacred Mysteries of the Rosary of our Redemption in a timeless way? Would there be a universal, mystical connection if all the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth mysteries are juxtaposed to enable a more timeless, rather than sequential consideration?

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    Three Persons, One God

    Allison Gingras

    How much time have you spent reflecting on what each Person means in your life? Author Allison Gingras brings such a reflection to you with Three Persons, One God. The book includes short journaling pages for self-reflection and presents an easy-to-read exposition of God: Discovering God as Father, recognizing God as the Son, and knowing God as the Holy Spirit.

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    Woman, How Great Thou Art

    Theresa Martin

    Paperback version includes updates and a small group discussion guide.
    Buy eBook on Kindle

    Buy eBook on Nook Author Theresa Martin puts her heart into her work. Come discover the fullness of womanhood as Martin paints a literary portrait of woman as strong, beautiful, and made of God, and yet fulfilled in her complementary role with man. Martin's explanation of the validity and purpose of intuition as a path to truth is worth the price of the book itself.

    This is the new feminism for women of today. A thoughtful, balanced approach to womanhood in the light of Church teaching.

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    When Salt Loses Its Saltiness...

    Paschal Nwaezeapu

    Drawing insight from the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, When Salt Loses Its Saltiness warns us about the dangers ahead if clergy and lay leaders lose their focus. The book challenges us to prevent this undesirable situation. Appraising the new situations within and outside the Church, the author sees the solution primarily in the re-evangelisation and authentic formation of clergy and lay leaders.

Items 21 to 30 of 114 total

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