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    Expressions of Faith: Art, Prose, and Poetry

    Students of the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools

    Expressions of Faith celebrates the various ways children express their Catholic faith. Whether writing an intriguing story, creating a compelling verse, or drawing an insightful picture, the children featured in this book have something to say. 

  2. Front Cover Large

    Fat John, His Little Lamb, and the Two Wise Owls

    Martina Parnelli & M. Roberto Angelorum

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    A charming, easy to read exposition of the nativity for early readers. Quality hardcover and thick paper for little hands.

  3. Hillside Castle

    Hillside Castle

    Sandy Anderson

    Hillside Castle tells the true story of a family’s brief time living in a remote mining camp in central Arizona. The times were lean…and primitive…and interesting!

  4. Little Magician Discovers Bigger and Better, The

    Little Magician Discovers Bigger and Better, The

    David Russell

    Follow the Little Magician as he tries to become happy. Surely, he thinks, if he could just use a bigger wand he would be happy! But the Little Magician discovers the true source of happiness somewhere else. A delightful, colorful story with lessons about faith, peace and true happiness for both children and adults. Full color illustrations on each page.

  5. Front Cover

    Little Margaret: The Extraordinary Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello

    Kathleen M. Muldoon

    Little Margaret is the true story of Margaret’s short life (1287–1320). She was born disfigured, blind, lame, and a dwarf. You will cheer for her as she first overcomes imprisonment and then abandonment by her family. She learned about God’s love for her from the castle priest. God used a girl others labeled as “crippled” to become as an angel to the sick, imprisoned, and dying.

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