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  1. Twenty-One Modern Saints

    Twenty-One Modern Saints

    Robert Theophilus

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    The saints of long ago had heroic virtue, humility, and great courage. Modern saints, however, had these same characteristics of holiness. Many modern saints offered the supreme witness of their lives, attesting to the truth that, even now, Christ conquers not by the blood of His enemies, but by the blood of His martyrs. The Church holds up saints as examples for the rest of us: if they attained holiness, we can, too.

    This remarkable book points the way with 21 powerful examples from our own epoch. Each chapter includes a short biography, inspirational words of wisdom, confirmed miracles, and the saint's final resting place.

  2. The Communion of Saints

    The Communion of Saints (The Timeless Rosary)

    Brian Joseph Horan

    The Timeless Rosary: The Communion of Saints is composed of three complete rosaries that blend the traditional prayers of the rosary, viewed in a timeless way, with accompanying prayers and Scripture verses that can be used for meditation while praying the rosary.

  3. Teresita

    Teresita: A one-act play based on the life of St. Teresa of Avila

    Michele Morris

    Known as Teresita to her friends and family, nineteen-year-old Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada asks for her father's permission to enter Carmel of the Incarnation. He refuses. In a passionate and decisive moment, Teresa leaves home in the middle of the night without her father’s knowledge. In this one-act play, Teresa reflects on her life's experiences that led her to this imminent decision.

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    She Shall Crush Thy Head: Selected Writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe

    Hilda Elfleda Brown

    She Shall Crush Thy Head contains selected writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe, compiled and translated by Hilda Elfleda Brown. In addition to his memoirs, letters, and articles, most of the selections are his apologetical articles in dialogue format. St. Maximilian Kolbe writes on the many issues confronting our modern day. 

  5. cover

    Reformer, The: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502–1539)

    Andrea M. Erba & Antonio M. Gentili

    An historical profile of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502–1539), founder of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites) and of the Angelic Sisters of St. Paul (Angelics). This holy man, zealous for God and for souls, dedicated his life to the renewal of his society, which was descending into paganism. He lived in the first half of the sixteenth century and died at thirty-six years of age.

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    Patron Saints of Forgiveness, The

    Rev. Fr. Henry Sseriiso

    Do you sometimes have trouble forgiving? Let the saints show you the way. This little book highlights examples of forgiveness even when horrible injustices were committed. Using both the New Testament and the lives of the saints, author Father Henry Sseriiso weaves an inspiring and challenging work of Catholic spirituality for everyone.
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    Once a Sinner, Now a Saint

    Rev. Fr. Henry Sseriiso

    Some saints weren't very holy.
    At least, not at first. We hear a lot about saints who led such holy lives, we can barely hope to imitate their heroic virtue.
    Then there are the other saints.
    Once a Sinner, Now a Saint carries an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.

  8. Front Cover

    Little Margaret: The Extraordinary Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello

    Kathleen M. Muldoon

    Little Margaret is the true story of Margaret’s short life (1287–1320). She was born disfigured, blind, lame, and a dwarf. You will cheer for her as she first overcomes imprisonment and then abandonment by her family. She learned about God’s love for her from the castle priest. God used a girl others labeled as “crippled” to become as an angel to the sick, imprisoned, and dying.

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    Joseph Was a Loving Father

    Vincent Iezzi

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    Revelators say little of Joseph; they slip over him. His humanity ignored. His obedience forgotten. To humankind Joseph was nearly neglected, remembered only with a quick glance or a small prayer. Yet in his heavenly reward he undoubtedly is honored greatly. This is a book – a story – of Joseph the man and father.

  10. Cover

    Igniting the Flame of Faith: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

    Angelo Montonati

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    Foreword by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI.

    In these pages we speak of a man who, under the power of grace, is determined to battle what he believes to be the worst enemy of the Christian Faith: lukewarmness.

    Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria engages in this battle by carrying, wherever he passes, a spiritual fire that conquers and rapidly spreads. It inflames with zeal the cities where he works, transforming them into radiant centers of sainthood.

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