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  1. Eugène de Mazenod: A Saint for Today

    Eugène de Mazenod: A Saint for Today

    Alex R. Hey

    All who feel abandoned may look to Saint Eugène. This book is a powerful example of not being defined by the struggles one must endure in this life.
    Saint Eugène de Mazenod knew both wealth and poverty. Born into a noble French family, he experienced the onslaught of the French Revolution and was thrust into exile at a young age. His family moved from one Italian city to another, until divorce ripped Eugène's family apart. 

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    Every Spiritual Blessing: The Unusual Story of How We Came to the Catholic Church

    Jan and Allen Cherbonneau

    By their very nature, all conversion stories are personal and unique, but this one is decidedly so, due to its highly charismatic content. I trust the reader will find the story of Jan and Allen's adventure intriguing and also, in a variety of ways, challenging.
  3. cover

    Experiences of a Priest Chaplain in the Care of the Sick and the Dying

    Rev. Fr. Kevin O. Ikpah

    Experiences of a Priest Chaplain in the Care of the Sick and the Dying will usher the reader into a unique view of the healthcare arena where an interdisciplinary team approach works for an important and noble cause: to assist individuals, including family and friends, in recognizing spiritual distress and needs, to find ultimate meaning of such life events. Fr. Kevin Ikpah's accounts may also serve to encourage persons either toward volunteer work to the sick and the dying or full-time ministry in this exciting and rewarding field.

  4. Front Cover

    Faithful in Christ: The Ministry and Life of the Catholic Priest

    Edited by Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R.

    The Archdiocese of Philadelphia organized a lecture series on the priesthood entitled, "Faithful in Christ: The Ministry and Life of the Catholic Priest." The presenters were all high-ranking members of the seminary faculty with doctoral degrees from pontifical universities in Rome or the United States. Now in book form, these lectures look at various facets of a priest's ministry and life. Each chapter concludes with reflection questions and suggested readings.
    Foreword by Cardinal Justin Rigali

  5. Fatima the Spectacular

    Fatima the Spectacular

    Bernard F. Kohout

    A new and very different version of the sun dance at Fatima in 1917. Supernatural or natural phenomena?

  6. Cover-front

    Fatima the Spectacular: A New and Very Different Study of the Events of 1917

    Bernard F. Kohout

    Expanded Edition
    The great St. Augustine once said that an event must not be considered miraculous if a natural explanation is available. This book faces his challenge head-on and provides answers as well as convincing evidence that the sun dance was a genuine and spectacular miracle.

  7. For God Alone

    For God Alone: The Lives of the Early English Saints: St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby

    H.E. Brown

    The history of England is a history of Catholic faith.
    Any history of early medieval England would not be complete without mentioning two influential saints of the seventh century. For God Alone tells the story of St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby.

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    Gladly Will I Glory In My Infirmities

    Anthony Warzecha

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    This story is about the remarkable Fr. Charles Kram, Jr., the quadriplegic priest who served for nearly twenty-five years as a hospital chaplain doing what he enjoyed most in life: serving God and neighbor with an enormous amount of love.

  9. Front Cover

    God Moments

    Patty O'Neal

    Ready for a delightful stroll through Catholic spirituality? You'll find yourself nodding your head in agreement as you read Patty O'Neal's little chapters on the daily life of a spiritual Catholic.
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    God's Gift of Life (The Timeless Rosary)

    Brian Joseph Horan

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    The Timeless Rosary: God’s Gift of Life blends the traditional prayers of the rosary, viewed in a timeless way, while entrusting the cause of life into the hands of our Blessed Mother.

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