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  1. Front Cover

    In His Outstretched Arms

    Rev. Fr. Kurian Kollapallil, MSFS

    In His Outstretched Arms contains life stories and simple truths etched out of a missionary priest's experience of serving the Lord on three continents. Each chapter contains messages of hope, discipleship, service, God's providence, and love. No one will be left untouched by them. Fr. Kurian Kollapallil is a missionary priest of the order of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, East African Province.

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    Joseph Was a Loving Father

    Vincent Iezzi

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    Revelators say little of Joseph; they slip over him. His humanity ignored. His obedience forgotten. To humankind Joseph was nearly neglected, remembered only with a quick glance or a small prayer. Yet in his heavenly reward he undoubtedly is honored greatly. This is a book – a story – of Joseph the man and father.

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    Journey to the Center of My Soul

    Dennis Joseph Eugene O'Donnell

    There is the spiritual life. Then there is the wild life: Daredevil stunts, drag races, partying and working with the entertainment industry, trying and failing to stay out of trouble with the law. Eventually, author Dennis O'Donnell realized that the center of his own soul couldn’t find fulfillment without complete trust in Jesus Christ.
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    Journey with the Expanded Rosary: Experience the Mysteries for Each Day of the Week

    Rich Melcher

    Buy eBook on Kindle Buy eBook on Nook Many books about the rosary are just that: books ABOUT the rosary. Journey with the Expanded Rosary expresses an innovative way to pray the rosary. Foreword by Bishop J. Hying, Diocese of Gary, Indiana.

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    Joy to the World: Advent-Christmas Meditations with St. Francis de Sales

    Rev. Dr. Santhiyagu Arockiyasamy, msfs

    Joy to the World contains meditations on the Gospel texts of the Advent and Christmas seasons and the spiritual wisdom of St. Francis de Sales. This little book is a practical resource for all those desiring to prepare themselves for the meaningful celebration of Jesus’ birth and to experience the gift of joy during this holy season and in all moments of life.

  6. Last Byzantine and Other Pointed Poems, The

    Last Byzantine and Other Pointed Poems, The

    J.R. Campanelli

    A collection of poetry focused on the forces that have led to this moment in the history of our great Faith. Suitable for both teens and adults, Campanelli's poetry covers morality, relativism, marriage, the right to life, and more.

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    Last Coffee with Nonna

    Vincent Iezzi

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    The finality has arrived and once again the author, Vincent (Vinzee) Iezzi, brings to life the teacher and guru of his life. With delicate wording we come to the end of the trilogy of love, respect, and family. Once again the author gives us an open invitation and carries us into the back kitchen where the smells, love, cares, and home come to life for us through his meticulous wording and re-creation.

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    Let's Pretend We're Sisters

    Pauline Montoya Soliz

    For ten-year-old Pauline and her sisters, every day was an adventure. Growing up in a small town in Colorado during the 1950s brought many joys and sufferings for the Montoya family. Through it all, this loving family grew with enduring stability in an era of rapid change.

  9. Little Visits With God and Our Blessed Mother Mary

    Little Visits With God and Our Blessed Mother Mary

    Wylba D. (Hughes) Hubbard

    Little Visits With God and Our Blessed Mother Mary feature deeply religious, yet short and easy-to-read verses inspired by private devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Focused on Heaven, the poems stimulate the mind and elevate the heart.

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    Lord and the Links, The

    Robert A. Best

    This autobiography of a successful public servant and private-sector professional illustrates how a commitment to faith and ethics should animate all areas of life: professional, family, recreational and more. Robert A. Best worked and played with U.S. presidents, some of the greatest golf players on record, and even a few of recent history’s canonized saints. 

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