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  1. Front Cover

    God Moments

    Patty O'Neal

    Ready for a delightful stroll through Catholic spirituality? You'll find yourself nodding your head in agreement as you read Patty O'Neal's little chapters on the daily life of a spiritual Catholic.
  2. School of the Family, The: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation

    School of the Family, The: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation

    Chantal R. Howard

    The family is the foundation of the civilization of love. It cannot be underestimated nor its responsibilities cast off to society's whims and fancies. It is the front line in the renaissance of character formation. Yet, today, many families have drifted from this primordial calling. So, how can the family fulfill its true vocation without a new road map to lead the way?
  3. cover

    Diabolical Satire

    Paul J. Lavin, Ph.D.

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    Satan has a lot of pride and his feelings are hurt. So many lackadaisical Catholics no longer believe in him.

    To make himself known, Satan offers thirteen “epistles.” He states most clearly that he is the inspiration for all the novelties that came out of Vatican II.

  4. Honoring Her Virtues

    Honoring Her Virtues

    Frances Pergamo

    Author Frances Pergamo releases the power of the rosary through her incisive and compelling meditations. A virtue for each Hail Mary is based on the Marian spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort. Includes the Luminous mysteries.

    Foreword by Father Angelus M. Shaughnessy, O.F.M. Capuchin, National Director of the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers

  5. Beginning of the End, The

    Beginning of the End, The

    R.E. Kotwica

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    The suffering pope calls into battle a religious order formed specifically to fight the antichrist. Monks of the order use both spiritual and physical weapons to fight demons that are all too real.

    For mature audiences - graphic depictions of violence

  6. Front Cover Large

    Fat John, His Little Lamb, and the Two Wise Owls

    Martina Parnelli & M. Roberto Angelorum

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    A charming, easy to read exposition of the nativity for early readers. Quality hardcover and thick paper for little hands.

  7. Front Cover

    Bigger and Better

    David Russell

    A magician learns a lesson about faith in this colorful story for all ages. Featuring original illustrations from school children. Bigger and Better paints a picture of faith, peace, and true happiness.

  8. Front Cover

    Why Did God Create Me?

    Donald J. Morris

    These heart-warming, yet challenging reflections will surely give plenty of food for thought in your search for wisdom. In this busy world, take a little time to reflect on God and ask yourself, Why Did God Create Me?

  9. Front Cover

    Quest Within the Question, The: "Do You Love Me?" John 21:16-17

    Olivia Cendejas

    Approachable apologetics
    • Who is God?
    • How can we learn about God?
    • How reliable is the Bible in learning about God?
    • How does God manifest Himself through the doctrine of the Catholic Church?
    • Why does the church have a hierarchy?
    • What is the Catholic view about other religions?

  10. Front cover

    Patron Saints of Forgiveness, The

    Rev. Fr. Henry Sseriiso

    Do you sometimes have trouble forgiving? Let the saints show you the way. This little book highlights examples of forgiveness even when horrible injustices were committed. Using both the New Testament and the lives of the saints, author Father Henry Sseriiso weaves an inspiring and challenging work of Catholic spirituality for everyone.

Items 1 to 10 of 114 total

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