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909 Days that Changed the World

Robert J. Dunne III

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A Must Read Review by Steve
Robert Dunne has brought the gospels alive in this wonderful book. It reads like a "can't put it down" novel. The added detail with respect to the culture, time frame, geography, attitude and atmosphere adds wonderful substance and back ground to the life of Christ and the beginning of the Catholic Church. A great book to share with family and friends. (Posted on 9/10/17)
Author's knowledge of the "909 Days," and his ability to place the reader in that time era, absolutely elevated the interest in his book. Review by James J. O'Donnell
Dear Publisher:
I recently finished reading this excellent book-----Author, Robert J. Dunne III
My all time favorite author was Taylor Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell had the unique ability to place the reader in the midst of the subject, and subjects, in her books. Obviously this quality enhanced the interest and enjoyment of reading her books. I read many of her books and some of them still resound in my memory bank.
In reading the subject book, I was delighted to find that Mr. Dunne also possesses this very impressive quality. His knowledge of the "909 Days," and his ability to place the reader in that time era, absolutely elevated the interest in his book.
My wife is now reading the "909 Days" and am certain that many of our friends will be doing the same.
I hope that Mr. Dunne has another book in the works, I would truly look forward to reading his next book.
Very Truly Yours,
James J. O'Donnell
Ocean City, NJ (Posted on 8/30/16)
I Recommend This Book Review by SC
I know the author of this book. He is actively involved in our church and dedicated to improving people’s lives through spiritual enrichment. Having worked on Wall Street for many years while also raising a family, Bob knows firsthand that life today can be incredibly hectic with little or no time for personal reflection. This book is a direct response to that dilemma. It compiles the four gospels into one easy to read volume broken down into short chapters that can be looked at during a free moment. The writing is straight forward and the research is meticulous - following the life of Christ as events unfold sequentially. It is a great book for anyone who wants to incorporate a little spiritual reflection into their life – and in this crazy world, who doesn’t need that? (Posted on 3/5/16)
Get & Read 909 Days that changed the world - every journey begins with a 1st step. Review by Eric
I am 56 years old and have read the bible in bits and pieces all most of life and related to each story. Reading 909 Days that changed the world has given me a clearer timeline, perspective and understanding to better identify and relate to Jesus’ human journey. The Author, Mr Robert Dunne III did an outstanding writing with the sequencing and merging of the gospels in portraying a vivid and visual of Jesus preaching from one town to the other Including HIS relationship with the world, miracles etc. Reading 909 Days that changed the world progressively enhanced my feeling or recognition of Jesus’ Love and Selflessness. I have purchased four additional copies and gifted them to family and friends. I highly recommend reading 909 Days that changed the world as way to put the four gospels together sequentially about the events that occurred with the human Jesus; thus increasing our familiarity with him and HIS love for us. Mr Dunne III continues to contribute to our spiritual lives as he formed and heads our yearly Lenten Reflection sessions at our Church. Stay Blessed (Posted on 3/2/16)
I have a house full of books (most of which I've read) and in many ways I rate this book as the best I've ever read. Review by Don
"909 Days that Changed the World" melds the four Gospels' accounts of Jesus' public ministry from the time of his Baptism by John until Holy Thursday in a single, logical, realistic, and inspiring narrative. I have a house full of books (most of which I've read), and in many ways I rate this book as the best book I've ever read. (Posted on 2/15/16)
Fantastic Review by Pat
There are other works which combine the four gospels but this one is special. By emphasizing the time line and adding the geography, the author has taken what can seem to be isolated snip-its from the life of Jesus and shown them to be a coherent journey of ministry. By writing it in a more modern style, he has made it easy to read. Best of all, he has made it very easy to relate to Jesus, during his 909 days of public ministry. (Posted on 1/18/16)
Excellent - reading and reflecting on a chapter is a great way to either begin or end a day. Review by Tom
After many years of hearing the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Robert Dunne has completed the remarkable task of using the gospels to create a cohesive story of Jesus’ public ministry. His book, “909 Days That Changed the World” has allowed me to not only begin to understand but also appreciate how Jesus’ role as both God and man evolved during these 909 days.
If you are someone who believes in the power of prayer, I strongly recommend reading “909 Days that Changed the World”. For me, reading a chapter a day was an inspiring way to move closer to Jesus. What began as a daily ritual transformed into an excellent opportunity to enjoy some quiet time after a busy day, reading and reflecting on the word of God found in the gospels. By reading my favorite stories in select chapters, I was able to gain a new and deeper understanding and appreciation for the message of the gospels.
When Jesus asked the blind man, Bartimeaus, “What do you want me to do for you? ”, he replied, “Master, I wish to see.” His response should serve as a lesson to all of us. The book “909 Days that Changed the World” serves as a powerful tool to allow us “to see” what God wants for us.
I strongly recommend this book as a special gift to anyone, including oneself, seeking a closer relationship with Jesus.
(Posted on 11/2/15)
Highly Recommended Family Read! Review by Rosemarie
My family and I read 909 Days That Changed the World by Robert J. Dunne during the Lenten Season this year. What a beautiful way to parallel Jesus’ journey during this most sacred time! Bob’s story telling relayed events in a clear and concise way while bringing the story to vivid clarity as if we, the readers, were walking with Jesus himself. My 12 year old son asked in anticipation for our nightly readings and often requested we read an additional chapter. Thanks Bob for writing such a wonderful book for our whole family to enjoy while learning more deeply about our faith! (Posted on 7/21/15)
The journey of Jesus Christ written in a modern and understandable story format Review by Loretta
I am a product of public school, hence, no religious education other than preparation for the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation. Whatever I learned was on my own. The book, the story of Jesus Christ's journey on earth, permitted me to connect some of the dots in an every day language story. In my opinion, "909 Days" is a good read for all; a book of history. I found it of an autobiographical quality.

(Posted on 7/19/15)
Timeline of Jesus Ministry; What a Great Idea Review by Frank
I have read the gospels for years and reading this book put them all in an order that made Jesus come alive as I felt like I walked along with him everyday of his public ministry. This book opened up to me the humanity of Jesus Christ like I never experienced it before. The book has helped me see Jesus as a role model of what a person should be. Just a great book! (Posted on 7/16/15)

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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