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909 Days that Changed the World

Robert J. Dunne III

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Walk the Walk Review by Vince
After reading the New Testament, reading “909 Days That Changed the World” by Robert J. Dunne III was the perfect next step in my pursuit of religious understanding, faith, and hope. While I believe that Jesus walks with me in my heart, this book helped me to walk with Him along the path of His public ministry. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with Jesus during His life? If so, reading this book is about as close as it gets. Bob does an amazing job of putting us in the setting, explaining the relevant biblical context, and suggesting appropriate reflections to help us “walk the walk.” I highly recommend this book to people in all phases of Christian faith on their path to everlasting life.
Vince DiCindio
West Windsor, NJ (Posted on 7/16/15)
Looking for a great summer read? Review by Katherine
Look right here, at a meticulously researched, prayerfully written, expertly executed book by Bob Dunne. In reflecting on his own humanity, this book explores the last 2 1/2 years of Christ 's human existence and how we might use His life on earth as a portal to view our life journey. Because we are encouraged by the author to read chapters one at a time, it is a way to fill our days with considering Christ as a daily habit. Perfect for a time when we might find more leisure. Well worth the contemplation! (Posted on 6/3/15)
Jesus, the Word of God, lived each day in his human nature. Dunne merging the four gospels relates the story of the 909 days that changed the world. Review by JoAnn
Jesus, the Word of God, lived each day in his human nature. Dunne merging the four gospels relates the story of the 909 days that changed the world. By presenting Jesus' preaching in the time, season, place and movement from town to town the reader is in the moment among the crowds and with the apostles listening and observing Jesus' words, actions, miracles and witnessing religious and Roman authorities' responses to His message. I have presented this book to all my relatives and recommend it highly for enriching your relationship with Jesus when meditating on Holy Scripture. (Posted on 3/18/15)
Could not pick a better topic Review by Daniel
Great for Catholics, Protestants, or, born-again Christians. Fascinating how all the days came together. An unbelievable amount of research went into the writing of this book. Also, it may be a good place to start for agnostics or atheists. (Posted on 3/17/15)
What a great book Bob Wrote! Review by Sunny
As a Catholic, I tried to learn more about Catholicism and other religions. I read gospels and books of the bible, many of them multiple times. I also attended numerous bible study classes. Yet, there were some chapters and phrases I did not understand what they truly meant and why.
This book met all three requirements a good book should meet. This book explained many important points so clearly and answered many of my questions, parables in particular. It was informative! This book was very easy to read, even to non-native English speakers like myself, yet powerful. I almost felt I was travelling with Jesus. It was persuasive! The present tense form through the entire book also kept me excited as if it were a spy novel. It was interesting!
Reading this book made me imagine that I was travelling with Jesus and his disciples. A couple of good maps, one old and one current, could have made my imagination much more realistic.
I highly recommend this book to Christians as well as non-Christians, particularly to those people like me who read bibles but still did not quite understand true meanings and why behind those words. It would a great gift item for friends, Christians or not.
Byoung Sung (Sunny) Kim, PhD
West Windsor, NJ
February 21, 2015
(Posted on 2/23/15)
Spiritually inspiring and entertaining Review by victor pais
While many of us wish to help others and show discipleship of our faith, Bob Dunne has achieved both of these goals thru his painstaking work on '909 days that changed the world...' -- a vivid narration of the work and journey of Jesus, with a timeline and 'GPS' reference to the places he was at various times. Bob skillfully and caringly helped us walk with Jesus and feel the power of his LOVE and PASSION for all the people he came to free, inspire and guide. We can now virtually experience our own 909 miraculous days, right in our times...
I was immediately taken up by Bob's style and substance of the book and thought of it as an apt gift of love and sent it to many of our family and friends -- in USA, Canada and India. After all, Jesus spent those 909 days for ALL of us, all over the world.
As we start another Lenten season, I recommend this book as a fitting choice to enrich one's spiritual journey during Lent and beyond. May God bless Bob and all of us... (Posted on 2/19/15)
Must read for a better understanding of Jesus Review by Michael
This is an exceptional book – a must read for anyone looking to better understand both the life of Jesus and his message. Just putting the Gospels in chronological order would have been a useful contribution. However, Mr. Dunne’s book goes much further. This easy to read narrative fills in the blanks around Jesus 2 ½ year ministry, giving the reader a new perspective around events which we think we already know well and to Jesus’ message of hope, love and forgiveness. By doing so, Mr. Dunne makes Jesus’ life come alive with a more vibrant personality that one might miss by merely reading the Gospels.
If you are looking for an entertaining, uplifting book, this is a great fact-based novel. On the other hand if you are looking for a book to enhance your spiritual life, this book is an invaluable resource. It is written in a series of short chapters making it easy to read one chapter per day and contemplate on the message being delivered.
(Posted on 2/18/15)
A great story teller Review by Charles
As a Catholic priest who is well acquainted with many books about the life of Christ, I can honestly say that this book by Robert J. Dunne lies at the top of the list of those that I have benefited from. After hearing me deliver a homily, people often tell me that I am a wonderful "story teller." I have to say that I think that Mr. Dunne is a better story teller than people say that I am. Now, before preparing a homily about some event in Our Blessed Lord's life, I go to Mr. Dunne's book to see how HE describes it. More importantly, I refer to this book to help me in my prayer life. When I was in the Seminary we were urged to spend time each day in, what we call, "spiritual reading." This book is perfect for fulfilling that role. The nice part of it all is that it is not only inspirational and instructive but also "entertaining" (if I may use that word!): it is a pleasure and a joy to read. Mr. Dunne should be commended for achieving a goal which more than a few "spiritual" writers fail to achieve. I would certainly recommend this book to everyone who wants to get to know Jesus better and who wants to be touched by the life he led for the last 909 days of his ministry.
Rev. Charles F. Krieg, C.M. (Posted on 2/6/15)
Excellent Treatise of Jesus' Public Ministry Review by Jurgen
An amazing chronology of Jesus' public ministry. It puts the writings of the evangelists into a chronological perspective and gives their accounts a context which facilitates understanding of what life was like in Jesus' time on earth.
Well researched and narrated. Truly a labor of love! (Posted on 12/1/14)
Bravo Robert Dunne! Review by Patrick Dunlavy
I thoroughly enjoyed 909 Days … it was if I was reading a loving note from an old dear friend. The Bible may be difficult to read and understand, but not this wonderfully written new book by Robert Dunne. The story Robert tells about the ministry of Jesus Christ is easy to follow and comprehend. The book gives us context and chronology we have not understood or learned before. The author balances the history and biblical references with a contemporary language we can all relate to and utilize to vividly imagine each scene and event.
For my money, this is a much more compelling and interesting story than the NY Times Best Selling book written by Bill O’Reilly! I highly recommend you take the short amount of time it takes to read this educational and captivating story! You won’t be disappointed.
Patrick J. Dunlavy, Author, Now Playing … Again, a Novel of Second Chances (Posted on 8/20/14)

Items 11 to 20 of 22 total

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