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  1. Front Cover

    Quest Within the Question, The: "Do You Love Me?" John 21:16-17

    Olivia Cendejas

    Approachable apologetics
    • Who is God?
    • How can we learn about God?
    • How reliable is the Bible in learning about God?
    • How does God manifest Himself through the doctrine of the Catholic Church?
    • Why does the church have a hierarchy?
    • What is the Catholic view about other religions?

  2. Prayer

    Prayer: A Personal Relationship with God

    Sr. Mary Bride Njoku

    Prayer: A Personal Relationship with God is divided into two parts. The first part studies Jesus’ life as the foundation for the Christian life of prayer. The second part is dedicated to the four forms of prayer: Lectio Divina, contemplative prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, and the Holy Mass, which are all echoes and imitation of Jesus’ way of praying. These Four Forms are presented as means, expressions, and nourishments of our individual and communal relationship with God.

  3. Front cover

    Prayer Booklet

    Families of the Upper Room

    The Acts 4 Prayer Group meets weekly for group prayer using this powerful, concise booklet. Using prayers and meditations rich in Scripture and the wisdom of the saints, the Prayer Booklet provides specific prayers for your child's school, your marriage, and your children.

  4. Planning the Journey of Life

    Planning the Journey of Life

    John C. Portavella

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    Though hidden, God is a loving Father who follows every act we do in our lives with utmost interest. By human standards, few acts are important and impactful. Most, however, are ordinary, prosaic, monotonous, and even boring. Yet, these acts have potential greatness and significance for eternal life.

  5. Front Cover

    Peace Culture: Towards a Renewed Philosophy and Theology of Peace

    Rev. Fr. Anthony C. Dimkpa

    Peace in our time? Peace between nations can and should be achieved for the good of man and the greater glory of God. A renewed philosophy and theology of peace can exhort no less than this. Author Rev. Dr. Dimkpa carefully presents a practical approach to a workable peace, based on active war-avoidance and listening, and rooted in the social doctrine of the Church.
  6. Front cover

    Patron Saints of Forgiveness, The

    Rev. Fr. Henry Sseriiso

    Do you sometimes have trouble forgiving? Let the saints show you the way. This little book highlights examples of forgiveness even when horrible injustices were committed. Using both the New Testament and the lives of the saints, author Father Henry Sseriiso weaves an inspiring and challenging work of Catholic spirituality for everyone.
  7. Parish Guide for Implementing Catholics Returning Home Ministry: Outreach to Non-Practicing Catholics

    Parish Guide for Implementing Catholics Returning Home Ministry: Outreach to Non-Practicing Catholics

    Sally L. Mews

    Catholics Returning Home is a six-week series designed to welcome returnees back, help them overcome their difficulties with the Church, facilitate development of trust in the faith community, and update them on the basics of Catholicism in order to help them reattach and bond.

  8. cover

    Once a Sinner, Now a Saint

    Rev. Fr. Henry Sseriiso

    Some saints weren't very holy.
    At least, not at first. We hear a lot about saints who led such holy lives, we can barely hope to imitate their heroic virtue.
    Then there are the other saints.
    Once a Sinner, Now a Saint carries an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.

  9. cover

    Nothing To Do, But Pray

    Sister Mary Grace

    Good poetry is paradoxical. Poems are personal, yet expressive. Simple, yet profound. Therein lies the power of Sister Mary Grace's verses. She writes of love, anger, sadness, joy, patience, and of course, a loving Paternal God who proves to be the consistent Presence along the restless journey of humanity. 

  10. Mystical Experiences: Heavenly Gifts

    Mystical Experiences: Heavenly Gifts

    Henry C. Haefner

    God earnestly desires to speak with us, communicate with us, and bond with us. Sometimes, when the heart is ready, God speaks more directly. There are dramatic examples of this from Church-approved locutions and apparitions such as those in Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima. Other times, God speaks softly to the heart (1 Kings 19:11-13). 

Items 31 to 40 of 95 total

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