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    Let's Pretend We're Sisters

    Pauline Montoya Soliz

    For ten-year-old Pauline and her sisters, every day was an adventure. Growing up in a small town in Colorado during the 1950s brought many joys and sufferings for the Montoya family. Through it all, this loving family grew with enduring stability in an era of rapid change.

  2. For God Alone

    For God Alone: The Lives of the Early English Saints: St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby

    H.E. Brown

    The history of England is a history of Catholic faith.
    Any history of early medieval England would not be complete without mentioning two influential saints of the seventh century. For God Alone tells the story of St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby.

  3. A Journey to Holiness: 80 Years of Personal Prayers, Spiritual Inspirations, and Beliefs

    A Journey to Holiness: 80 Years of Personal Prayers, Spiritual Inspirations, and Beliefs

    Raymond John Colvin

    A Journey to Holiness is a testimony of prayer. Author Raymond Colvin openly shares his personal, spiritual inspirations and beliefs about his Catholic faith as it has grown over the years. By sharing examples from his own journey, the author hopes to help other average Catholics—as well as non-Catholics—to achieve holiness.
    You will also discover:
      How and why people pray - What is prayer - Spiritual motivations and preparations for prayer - Building a lifetime of prayer

  4. Loving Teachers: Wisdom, Beauty, and Blessings

    Loving Teachers: Wisdom, Beauty, and Blessings

    Dr. Gerry Nolan

    Buy eBook on Kindle Buy eBook on NookWhat do students and teachers identify as acts of love by teachers and what impact do these behaviors have on students? Anyone who works with youth, whether as a teacher, parent, coach, or counselor, will be enriched by this book.

  5. Teresita

    Teresita: A one-act play based on the life of St. Teresa of Avila

    Michele Morris

    Known as Teresita to her friends and family, nineteen-year-old Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada asks for her father's permission to enter Carmel of the Incarnation. He refuses. In a passionate and decisive moment, Teresa leaves home in the middle of the night without her father’s knowledge. In this one-act play, Teresa reflects on her life's experiences that led her to this imminent decision.

  6. Front Cover

    Continuing the Search for Religious Freedom: Fifty Years after Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanae

    Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary

    Edited by Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R. The lectures in this series delve deeply into the Church’s stance on religious liberty. They demonstrate the relevance of its teaching for the challenges of today’s world.
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    Joseph Was a Loving Father

    Vincent Iezzi

    Buy eBook on Kindle Buy eBook on Nook

    Revelators say little of Joseph; they slip over him. His humanity ignored. His obedience forgotten. To humankind Joseph was nearly neglected, remembered only with a quick glance or a small prayer. Yet in his heavenly reward he undoubtedly is honored greatly. This is a book – a story – of Joseph the man and father.

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    Journey with the Expanded Rosary: Experience the Mysteries for Each Day of the Week

    Rich Melcher

    Buy eBook on Kindle Buy eBook on Nook Many books about the rosary are just that: books ABOUT the rosary. Journey with the Expanded Rosary expresses an innovative way to pray the rosary. Foreword by Bishop J. Hying, Diocese of Gary, Indiana.

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    Celebrating the Year of Mercy

    Francesco Catanio

    Can you be a saint in the modern world? 
    If you had a guidebook to help you do just that, your answer might be a resounding "yes" to God. Celebrating the Year of Mercy is a concise manual for anyone wishing to deepen his faith.

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    She Shall Crush Thy Head: Selected Writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe

    Hilda Elfleda Brown

    She Shall Crush Thy Head contains selected writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe, compiled and translated by Hilda Elfleda Brown. In addition to his memoirs, letters, and articles, most of the selections are his apologetical articles in dialogue format. St. Maximilian Kolbe writes on the many issues confronting our modern day. 

Items 41 to 50 of 114 total

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